Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Return with Honor

Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015

Rachel and Ben Johnston came to the airport to welcome home Sister Williams

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hardest and best 3 months


It's been a while since my last group message because things have been super crazy. I've been having problems with depression ever since I came out and since it's only getting worse, I'm going to be coming home this week. I don't want to come home at all because I love New Jersey and being a missionary so much. But, this isn't the place to get better. I've ended up serving for three months and they have been the hardest and best three months of my life - I wouldn't trade them for anything! 

New Years was so much fun. The Woodwards, a family in our ward, took our entire zone out to dinner (16 missionaries). The poor waiters at the restaurant were so confused about which order went where because of all the people. In the parking lot after dinner, after the Woodwards had gotten into their car, we all spontaneously started marching around the car singing Called to Serve. It was so awkward that it wasn't even awkward at all. I was laughing the whole time. 

New Years day our favorite team up invited us to her New Years fondue party. She had a couple of friends there who we were able to talk about the Gospel with. Neither of them had any sort of religious background so they were very curious. I loved answering their questions and seeing them accept it. I hope the next sisters that come to this area will meet with them.

Our investigator left yesterday to Puerto Rico for a month. We've taught her the entire teaching record and more. She's so ready to be baptized, she only needs to get married first. I'm hoping she'll elope and get baptized in Puerto Rico - we have missionaries set up to visit her there. I'm going to miss her a lot.

I wish I could write all my mission experiences but that would take forever! New Jersey really is the best place to serve a mission. We are literally preaching the Gospel to all the world here because of the diversity. 

Love you all and excited to see you again!

Sister Williams

PS: I finally got a picture with our less active's pet pig:)

Sister Williams with Barbecue the pig