Monday, December 8, 2014

6 weeks in: Staying in Eatontown

Zone leaders decorated their apartment door while she and Sis. Cobb were out teaching
I'm finished with my first transfer! 12 more to go. I'm going to be staying in the same area with my same companion because I'm still in training, but lots of other missionaries are moving around. This has been the longest six weeks of my life but I've loved it:)

We taught a lot of lessons and visited a lot of people this week. We have one investigator who is the most prepared and spiritual person I've ever met. She glows when she talks about the Gospel. We taught her about the law of the fast on Saturday, and she told us completely nonchalantly that she had fasted before just because she felt like it would bring her closer to God. She is also receiving revelation when she prays. We're hoping she'll get baptized this transfer. She still has to come to church because every Sunday something comes up. Hopefully this week:)

I love being a missionary at Christmastime. Everyone is more open and we've been able to share the He is the Gift video with a lot of people. We also got to help our recent convert decorate her Christmas tree. 

We went on a mini exchange for a contacting blitz. I went with Sister Ivie who is a Spanish Sister. I was so pumped up to share my testimony with everyone, but the first lady we ran into wanted us to teach her about the Restoration. That was great, except she only spoke Spanish. So, I got to witness a Spanish lesson for about half an hour. It was really cool and really boring at the same time, but at least that lady was introduced to the gospel. 

Love and miss you all!
*Sister Williams

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